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Learn How To Take Your Stand

Learn how to stand against the forces of darkness for your healing or someone you're praying for God to heal.
2-15-2024   Learn How To Take Your Stand

Find out on today’s Pilgrim’s Progress, how to take a stand for Jesus and how do we walk through it. We must almost always face opposition from those who claim to be Christians, and you’ll see that worked out in the story of our dear Brother Bevington today. Pastor Ray supplements this with his own testimony.

It’s not a complex process and we can’t mentally do it (without actually walking through this). Jesus brings us to places where only He can deliver us and He’ll deliver us as we stand on His promises or directly upon His word. Do you need a miracle from Jesus? Take some time and intently listen and then apply the message as you go to prayer. The Holy Spirit will lead you, if you’ll simply wait on the Lord (See Psalm 27).


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