A Christmas Gift from Jesus! (Encore)

Will you take Jesus at his word and receive this amazing gift this Christmas?

Guy Bevington, an old-time American holiness evangelist in the 1900s, took God at his word when he promised to give us a Savior from sin, not in sin. In this encore Christmas Eve offertory, Pastor Ray weaves together the story of the birth of Christ with Bevington’s importunity in prayer that moved God to save Tom and Liz, an alcoholic couple, and transform them into new, holy people in Christ! Will you take Jesus at his word and receive this amazing gift this Christmas? Or, if you have already received this gift, will you simply allow Jesus to make you into an intercessor like Brother Bevington? There is victory dear one in Jesus!

Special Note: We have been asking Jesus to cover the cost of December radio because of some unusual circumstances with the holidays that made it look pretty tight. Today, we aired this encore broadcast without realizing that it was an offertory. Though this was a great embarrassment to us, one brother called the radio station to let them know that people might be calling in. $1,450 was donated!! Along with other donations that came in this week, this exactly covers the cost for radio. Thank you, Jesus! This is his Christmas gift to us! Be blessed, beloved!

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