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Two Gospels, or Victory in Jesus?

What are you really saved from? Is it the penalty of sin or sin itself?
11-17-2015 Victory in Jesus!!! - Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Today, there are two distinct classes of Christians with two different views of salvation. The first type regards the gospel as salvation from sin. They have renounced sin and hate and dread the thought of sinning even once, because they do not want to grieve Jesus whom they love so much.

The other class of Christian regards salvation as a complex system of indulgences that pardons their sin but does not give them victory over it. This false gospel has destroyed the church in America. Have you hardened your heart in unbelief that you will ever be fully delivered from sin? Such salvation is 100% by faith: it is utterly and completely the work of Jesus. His desire is to make us righteous, just, and holy!

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