Your Sins Are Forgiven

There are two things that Jesus wants to do but are largely absent in the modern American church. Listen to the message to find out what Jesus wants to do in your life!
3-4-2024  Your Sins Are Forgiven

On today’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Pastor Ray uses two primary Chapters (2 Timothy 3 and Mark 2) to lay out what Jesus did and wants to do in our time. We’ve been blocked by the modern day scribes and Pharisees who seek to limit what our Lord Jesus can do. First they say, your sins cannot be removed, you’re always going to be a sinner and secondly you’re always going to be paralyzed in some particular way. Reject these teachings and trust Jesus to do this work in your heart.

Do you believe that Jesus has the power to remove your sins and heal you in whatever way you need healing? It’s time to give up our paralyzed state, if not our bodies but in our souls and spirit. Will you seek full forgiveness from Jesus and healing as well? The time of restoration is now as we repent and yield to Jesus! It’s an exciting time once we begin to embrace what Jesus has for us.