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You Must Gain The Final Victory

Pastor Ray takes us to a deeper meaning in Revelation 3:14, please join us! We must become overcomers to enter the kingdom of God.
3-28-2022  You Must Gain The Final Victory

Is there a burning in your heart to go deeper with Jesus? You’ve given Him your life and you’re not walking in sin but you sense there’s something more that Jesus wants from you. If that’s the case with you, then this message will prove to be very helpful. Jesus wants to take us to a place where we’re very much discomforted as this will provide a way for Him to uncover our hearts and make any adjustments that He wants to make in our life.

Are you willing be discomforted at the call of the Holy Spirit? Once you say yes to Jesus regardless of the cost, look out it will be an incredible adventure with the King! Put your seat belt on, life will never be the same!