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Worship In Spirit And Truth

Are you walking in Spirit and Truth? Find out today what that actually means as you listen to our broadcast today! It's not some intellectual understanding you need dear one...
10 - 05 - 2022 - Worship In Spirit And Truth

Our series on the Gospel John continues today, featuring a detailed discussion of the woman at the well. We’re called to worship in Spirit and in truth? What does that mean and how much these two things meld together? Find out as you listen along today.

What’s the focus of your life? Listen closely to today’s message and allow the Holy Spirit to call you in absolute surrender to the Holy Spirit, in accord with the scriptures. Allow the Holy Spirit to expose and remove any lies you’ve believed as you listen!

But He said to them, “I have food to eat which you understand not.”

John 4:32 – Lavender New Testament

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