Find Your Wholeness in Jesus (July 2017)

Are you seeking wholeness is something or someone other than Jesus?

Salvation includes 100% wholeness in Jesus. In Christ, God will make us whole from sin, sickness, and sorrow. On the other hand, anything that substitutes for wholeness in Jesus, or that satisfies a person apart from Jesus, is an idol.

What is the consequence of these idols? Not only do they knock us out of right standing with God, but they keep us in the desert of unbelief. Just as the children of Israel couldn’t enter the promised land because of unbelief, idols will block Christians from entering the promises of God. In our case, the promised land is the salvation of the lost and establishing the Kingdom of God on earth by means of the Gospel.

If you still have idols in your life, will you put them away now? If you are free, will you seek the Pentecost power for ministry, so that Jesus can reclaim America–or your country–for His kingdom?

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