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Wait on the Lord (2014)

Do you hear that call, whether loudly or faintly, to simply wait upon the Lord? Listen for a clear path laying out this process on today's broadcast.

Scriptures used in today’s message: Mark 3:20-27, James 1:6-8, Isaiah 40:27-31, Story of Joseph and Abraham, Ephesians 1:18, Moses, Daniel, Psalm 46:1-2

If you’re a serious Christian, today’s rebroadcast is a must-listen. Pastor Ray lays out why we need to wait upon Jesus and what He is after in our hearts. It may have taken some time, years even, to understand what it means to wait upon the Lord. Will you say yes to Jesus come what may?

Pastor Ray gives us a framework from the scriptures, followed by familiar stories of some worthies and then into something more specific for you and I. Jesus is looking for us to be fully given to Him and this is way to that glorious place, where Jesus reigns over us in totality.

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