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Turn, Jesus Will Heal You!

Jesus is after people who will be fully given to Him, as Holy Ann was. Will you follow her steps of obedience?
Turn, and Jesus Will Heal You! "Pilgrim's Progress" Radio Broadcast (1-16-2019)

At the beginning of our story, “Holy Ann” is unconverted and illiterate. When Mrs. McKay hires Ann to help in her home, the mistress begins to pray with and for Ann. Though unenthused by the church meetings, Ann one night feels led to pray alone. Through a miraculous encounter with the Holy Spirit, she becomes a Christian whose faith will be so remarkable that others nickname her “Holy Ann.” Her story is an inspiration to those of us praying for revival and a turning back of evil in our world.

I’ve included a short quote from Frank Bartleman below that is helpful.

Nothing hinders faith and the operation of the Spirit so much as the self-assertiveness of the human spirit, the wisdom, strength and self-sufficiency of the human mind. This must all be crucified, and here is where the fight comes in. We must become utterly undone, insufficient and helpless in our own consciousness, thoroughly humbled, before we can receive this possession of the Holy Spirit. We want the Holy Ghost, but the fact is He is wanting possession of us.”

Frank Bartleman – Revivalist

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