The Greatest Need of the Church

What does the church need more than anything simply to hear the word for what it says than obey it...
3-27-2017 The Greatest Need of the Church - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast - Backup

The Church’s greatest need is to lay aside everything she thinks she knows, read the Scriptures, and believe what they say. This will break the power of the traditions of Calvin, Luther, and Roman Catholicism that have twisted the plain meaning of key salvation words–grace, atonement, saved, and sin–resulting in a Gnostic, antinomian gospel that is no gospel at all. Those who study the Bible with light from the Holy Spirit will discover that Jesus dramatically saves us from sinning now. This issue is life or death, because we cannot live wrong and die right! Has the gospel you’ve believed completely removed all external and internal sin from your life and soul?