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The Word Of The Lord Came To Jonah

In today's message, Pastor Ray lays out the story of Jonah and the key points. Do you see how his need for a positive reputation ensnared him?
5-16-2023 - The Word Of The Lord Came To Jonah

Today’s message centers around the story of Jonah, who was simply unwilling to obey the word of the Lord to his heart. After being swallowed by a large fish, the same word of the Lord came to Jonah but although He obeyed in part, his heart was not in alignment with Jesus. The problem in the western church is that we’ve made Jesus into something He’s not, much like Jonah did.

This is a very sobering message today, will you prayerfully consider it? May we lay down all of our expectations of God and allow Him to give us His heart for the lost and dying. Jonah’s unwillingness to do this likely cost him eternally, will you lay down your reputation and everything that’s connected to it?