The Ugliness Of Starvation Coming To America

Do you see the spiritual famine we're in that's devolving into a physical famine? We're in trouble, will you cry out to Jesus?
5-5-2022 - The Ugliness Of Starvation Coming To America

Pastor Ray walks us through a clear picture of what happens to a people when they turn from the living God. First, there is a famine of the word of Lord and if that is not followed quickly with repentance then judgment from the Almighty comes. We’re headed directed into this judgment at an alarming rate and have been experiencing this famine of the word of the Lord for years. This startling revelation should propel you into your prayer closet.

Judgment always follows unrepentant sin and we’ve introduced Christian “doublethink” into our vocabularies, meaning that we can be in sin and in Jesus at the same time. The story in 2 Kings 6 is being reenacted in our day and we will experience the same results, unless we quickly get honest with Jesus and turn from all of our wicked ways. What will you do dear one, will you be one of the four lepers?

“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

George Orwell – 1984