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The Time Line to Eternity-part 2

As we see the return of our Lord as imminent, preparation becomes even more critical. Are you ready dear one and do the see where we're at in time?
7-12-2022  The Time Line to Eternity-part 2

This is a must listen and continuation of the message from yesterday. To fully understand today’s message you should listen to yesterday’s message as well. It’s not complex but probably much different than you were taught. Pastor Ray begins by going to Matthew 25 to discuss the parable of the ten virgins and ask the question of preparation for the coming of Jesus. Have you made adequate preparation as evidenced by the oil in your life from the Holy Spirit?

Pastor Ray gives a brief summary from yesterday and goes in to discuss the fourth horseman and a lot of other things that will impact us all. Is your heart ready for the return of Jesus? Tomorrow Pastor Ray will continue in the book of Revelation, please join us!

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