The Terror of the Lord

Only the terror of the Lord will bring the awakening that God wants to bring to America.
5-30-2024   The Terror Of The Lord

Scriptures Used in today’s broadcast: 1 Samuel 11, Romans 1, Romans 2

Today’s message is about the terror of the Lord, which is acutely missing everywhere or close to that in the body of Christ today. Pastor Ray uses this story of King Saul to address the impending judgment upon America, in particular those who call themselves Christians. Are you ready for God’s judgment to come upon this land?

“I’ve been talking this week about King Saul being made king. Now, always the question with King Saul, will he trust in the Lord and obey the word of the Lord to him, or will he go his own direction?”

Pastor Ray during today’s broadcast

The terror came upon the children of Israel and they sought the Lord for a season. Will you cry out for a real, tangible fear to come upon God’s people (after it comes in your own heart) while we still can?

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