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The Straight Path

Do you know the path that you're on dear one and is there a possibility you're on the wrong path? Find out the differences between the broad road and the narrow road.
5-01-2024   The Straight Path

Scriptures used during today’s broadcast: Matthew 7, John 14

The reality is that all of us are on a path, whether we’re consciously aware of it are not. It’s actually a path that each of us has chosen.

There are many roads that we can take but will all the roads we take take us to the place we want to go and the answer is absolutely no!

Pastor Ray during today’s message

Pastor Ray lays out the path we are called to follow, if we wish to be Christians. It’s not a gospel of self-help or a legalistic set of rules but it is following the person, Jesus Christ being crucified with Him and being fully submitted to His will, not our own. In the scriptures it’s called the narrow way, as opposed to the broad way.

Which path are you on dear one?

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