The Mind of the Spirit

What does the fruit look like in your life?
5-09-2017 The Mind of the Spirit - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

The mind of the Spirit produces obvious fruit. Like slices of an orange, love, joy, kindness, peace, goodness, faith, and temperance shine in reality from a regenerated person. On the other hand, a mind that hates God will walk in the flesh. This wolf nature bites and devours with anger, judgments, and discord.

Take an honest look at your life. According to the standard in Galatians, are you walking in the flesh or in the spirit? Are you living a good, moral life while manifestations of the flesh remain? If so, you do not have the Spirit of Christ. Only crucifixion will transition you from the mind of the flesh to the mind of the Spirit. Have you renounced your old nature, hatred for God, and wicked ways; consecrated everything to Jesus Christ; and asked the mind of the Spirit to take over? If not, will you?

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