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The Heart of the Father – 2006

Do you have a Godly fear of our Father or do you still have a heart of anger and bitterness?

Pastor Ray has been addressing the issue of idols this week in connection with the story of Gideon and how that is applicable in our lives today we look at something connected to these messages. Do we have the heart of the Father as evidenced by our humble submission to His will and a heart that doesn’t want to offend Him because we love Him? May your heart be broken as you listen to this old message today.

“No slavish fear can be where love reigns. But perfect, adult love casteth out slavish fear: because such fear hath torment – And so is inconsistent with the happiness of love. A natural man has neither fear nor love; one that is awakened, fear without love; a babe in Christ, love and fear; a father in Christ, love without fear.”

John Wesley in his commentary from 1 John 4