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The END Is Near!

Do you know that the end of all things is near and are you really ready? Have you paid the price to be crucified with Christ?
6-22-2022  The END Is Near

We’ve made the erroneous assumption that all are saved, meaning that there’s nothing between the hearts of the congregants and Jesus. This wicked lie has vaccinated many against the convicting arrows of the Holy Spirit and kept many in their iniquities, where they never had to deal with their wicked ways before a holy God. We also have our modern wicked culture, which is intertwined with the church leaving us in a quagmire.

Pastor Ray walks us through many of the blocks to desperate prayer, which must be confronted head on. Are you willing to deal with anything between your heart and the heart of Jesus? His desire is to set you free. Many who call themselves Christians because of their pride will block themselves out, as they’ve been unwilling to humble themselves before God and their fellow man. What will you do, dear one?

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