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Ten Shekels and a Shirt -1965

Still the most powerful sermon preached on the topic of humanism.

Today’s encore sermon from Paris Reidhead, a local pastor until his death, is a most powerful uncovering of humanism, which has become so widespread in the western church that it is widely accepted. Note that there is both a conservative and a liberal form of humanism, both of which result in the deifying of man and consequently withholding of the glory of God. We must recognize this grievous sin and repent.

Is God a means to an end or is He an end to you? Much of the church is involved in self-worship and this must come to an end by the power of the blood of Jesus. Allow the conviction of the Holy Spirit to come upon you as you listen to this message.

We thank our dear brothers and sisters at Paris Reidhead Ministries, who have given us permission to air and post this sermon, which was lightly edited to fit the time allotted on the broadcast. We invite you to visit their website below.

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