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Scriptural Death Route Holiness

I’m attaching a wonderful little book, and it’s the most recent book I could find that laid out in detail what the Lord wants from us. It’s in a PDF format.

Here’s a brief synopsis by the author:

By the term “death-route” we mean, taking our stand against carnality and turning over every revealed carnal trait to the Holy Ghost, for its slaying. Carnal traits, however, are not crucified one at time. They are surrendered (died out to) one at a time, under the searching light of the Holy Spirit, when one is seeking a sanctified heart. Then, when the Holy Spirit strikes the death blow to one’s corrupt nature, all of the carnal traits are destroyed in one master stroke of divine power. Thus, the heart is purified and made perfect in the holy love of God which is shed abroad in the heart by the Holy Ghost (Rom. 5:5). Only dead people fully live– dead to self and alive unto God!

Scriptural Death Route Holiness by L.S. Boardman

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