Preparation for Revival (Part 2)

This is Part 2 in a miniseries on the preparation of revival. This path requires concrete obedience and submission of your will, are you willing to pay the price so that Jesus' name can be glorified in your life?

Scriptures Used in today’s broadcast: Acts 3, John 17

There are two primary components to revival laid out in Peter’s second message to the church in Acts 3. Most of us are familiar with repentance, the turning away from wickedness, which is very much necessary, but we’re also called to turn to God. This necessitates that we give up our will. Listen as Pastor Ray walks us through this passage.

He goes on to lay out Jesus’ plan for revival in John 17. It is a reformation process that Jesus puts us through.

“Reformation involves identifying and eliminating everything in our lives that is not in God’s will as it is revealed in His Word and by the Scripture.”

Pastor Ray during today’s message

We simply cannot proceed to revival without going through the camp of reformation, which will require deep repentance and brokenness.

“But without obedience, prayer is powerless. You can pray as much as you desire to pray, but if you do not accompany that prayer with concrete obedience, your prayers will be powerless. There is no path to revival that does not lead through the camp of reformation.”

Pastor Ray during today’s message

Are you willing to pay the price? Pastor Ray gives some examples of how the Lord changed his attitude in specific circumstances and events to encourage us to go all the way with Jesus.

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