Overcome By The Anti-Christ Spirit

Have you been overcome by a wicked anti-Christ spirit and aren't even aware of it?
9-27-2021  Overcome By The Anti-Christ Spirit

It was indeed an anti-Christ spirit that resulted in great destruction for the children of Israel. We’re facing that same demonic spirit, can you see it? The time is not to fret but rather to totally yield to King Jesus and stand against this spirit by the power of the blood of Jesus.

There are quite a lot of scriptures and we’ve tried to include tags so you can easily go back and read the scriptures. Have you said a resounding NO to this wicked anti-Christ spirit regardless of what that may cost you? Will you stand with us during this deluge of wickedness or will you compromise with this wicked anti-Christ spirit that wishes to destroy you?

Pastor Ray also lays out the three ways to determine if we’re in trouble with Jesus as laid out by Pastor David Wilkerson.

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