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O God, Mercy Me!

Will you say that Oh God, Mercy Me!

In this sermon, Pastor Ray discusses revival from the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. When the woman came to the well, she was a humiliated sinner. When she left, she was filled with the Holy Spirit. As soon as she reached her village and testified, revival broke out.

In order for this to happen, the Samaritan woman had to meet two conditions. First, she had to want what Jesus wanted to give her: the living water. Secondly, she had to acknowledge her desperate need. In this case, it was admitting her sin of fornication.

Similiarly, for God to answer our prayers for revival, we must meet these conditions. First, we must be willing to have revival. And that includes all the messiness, expense, and time that comes from being at the church daily, praying with convicted sinners. It means less time at work, and more money given to ministry and to the poor. Second, we must acknowledge our desperate need. Many Christians today, instead of having rivers of living water flowing from their bellies, instead have broken cisterns. They show up at church week after week to be filled. But, they have nothing to give to others.

Frankly, if everyone who said, “I’m saved,” were actually saved, we would have revival. Sinners would be saved every day. Further, lack of revival is a judgment from God. Why? Because Christians refused to recognize their need–in other words, to confess and quit their sins–and instead feasted on the world.

If this describes you, know that the only thing preventing you from receiving every blessing of God is simply your own unbelief and impenitence. If so, you need not beat yourself up. Nor should you try to improve yourself. Simply acknowledge your need, and cry, “O God, mercy me!”