It’s Time to Be Holy

Isn't it time to be made holy by Jesus?
5-25-2017 It's Time to Be Holy - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Waiting is a large part of the Christian life. And, unless you’re desperate about your need to quit sin and be holy, you won’t wait on God. Instead, you can casually waltz into the carnival of a modern church. Sanitized from any confrontation with the cross, this carnival will feature a pastor-huckster who will toss jokes and say, “You’re saved!”

On the other hand, John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress pictures what the desperate need for salvation from sin looks like.

Dear reader, it’s also time for you and me to be on our way! Have you seen your desperate need to quit sinning and your inability to do so apart from the grace of God? Are you holy by faith, in reality? Will you determine, today, that you will enter holiness and eternal life, whatever the cost?