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Go Get An Anguished Heart Now

Do you have need of an anguished heart and do you know how to get one? Listen to this critical message at this hour...
2-15-2023 - Go Get An Anguished Heart Now

Pastor Ray lays the life or death need for an anguished heart, first using a story from Finney’s wonderful book Holy Spirit Revival. This anguished heart only comes out of confession and repentance, not sentimentality of any kind, such as praise and worship.

He goes from there to Hebrews Chapter 2 and the Jesus movement and then the remainder of the broadcast focuses on how to get an anguished heart. Do you need an anguished heart? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get one? As Pastor Ray has oftentimes said God generally never gets serious, until we get serious. Are you willing to get serious before a Holy and righteous God who holds your life in His hand?

We’re including a short video with highlights from a sermon preached by Pastor David Wilkerson, as well as the entire sermon.

A Call to Anguish - David Wilkerson

The full sermon by Pastor David Wilkerson is included below.

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