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Final Preparation For THE DAY OF JUDGMENT

Have you made preparation for the final judgment and have you been set free by Jesus?
5-16-2022 -Final Preparation For THE DAY OF JUDGMENT

The day of the final judgment is soon upon us. The question is whether you are prepared for this day. Pastor Ray takes us through several passages of scripture to help you prepare. Will you allow the lies to be uncovered and ultimately be set free NOW? Jesus wants to prepare your now, today is the day of salvation!

Listen closely to today’s message and allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction to your soul.

Beloved, I want to say that if any unholiness exists in the nature, it is not there by the consent of the Spirit of God. If unholiness exists in your life it is because your soul is giving consent to it, and you are retaining it. Let it go. Cast it out, and let God have His way in your life.

John G. Lake – Healing Revivalist (19th & 20th century)

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