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Do You Need Some Good News?

Do you know we serve a God is faithful to all who are faithful to Him. Be encouraged as you listen to today's message.
6-13-2022  Do You Need Some Good News

The call of Jesus is to give our time and resources, everything we have and are for the work of the Gospel. This truth is depicted in the story of Abraham and his offering to the King of Salem or Melchizedek, which preceded the law and is therefore part of the everlasting covenant. The question is whether you will fully enter into this everlasting or new covenant or will you do just the minimum.

The scriptures are clear in Malachi Chapter 3 that blesses those who put everything under His hand, while a curse comes upon those who do not. What will you decide to do? This is one of the few times in scripture where we’re told to test God. The truth is you or I will never outgive Him. What a joy it is to give for God’s kingdom! Is that your experience?


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