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Do Not Settle In The Lowlands

Don't settle in the lowlands, meaning don't allow the lies you've been taught to block your way into victory with Jesus.
5-08-2024  Do Not Settle In The Lowlands

Scriptures Used in today’s message: Portions of Romans 6, Romans 7 and Romans 8

On today’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Pastor Ray lays out what the gospel of Jesus Christ is, addressing some comments from a recent message. These comments reflect many of the lies taught in the modern church.

The law of sin is broken in your life not by your doing your best, not by trying hard. It’s broken by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ray during today’s sermon

You must have the victory, but the victory does not come from the works of man. It’s not legalism.

Pastor Ray during today’s message

For those with an open heart who want to follow Jesus, we strongly encourage that you listen to this message in its entirety.

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