Clouds without Water

Jude paints a picture of modern day America...
3-02-2017 Clouds without Water - Pilgrim's Progress Live Radio Broadcast

In just the past sixty years, the morality of America crumbled. The media, dominated by the left, teaches tolerance and denies Biblical definitions of gender, pre-born life, human identity, and sexuality. The success of this attack on right and wrong lies in the failure of preachers and pastors to deal with sin. Instead of stressing the need to be made holy in reality now by faith in Jesus, large swathes of the church glean their understanding of morality from academia, politics, CBS, ABC, CNN, and FOX news. The book of Jude vividly illustrates the defining features of these false Christian teachers, and how we are to respond. Will you, with the host of heaven, cry out, “The Lord rebuke you!”?

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