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Go into the Bedroom of God

Do you hear the call to enter God's bedroom?
6-05-2017 - Go into the Bedroom of God - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Jesus warns us that if we harden our hearts, we will not enter his rest. This rest is the bedroom of God. It is resting in Jesus, believing God’s rhema word to us, and having our prayers answered. But what does this look like practically?

The first step is to repent of any hardness, judgments, or accusations against Jesus or others. All these are forms of unbelief, which is rebellion. Then, be sure that you’re committed to receive only from the hand of God. Put no conditions on what he chooses to give you–whether good or painful. Let go of your agenda.

Then comes this precious promise. If you’re committed to go through with Jesus, no matter what happens, you can come into God’s throne room with confidence. You will there obtain grace and mercy in time of need. Just as sailors frapped their ships with chains and ropes to weather raging storms, Jesus will frap you and carry you through whatever storm you face. Are you in the bedroom of God today?