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At Jesus Feet (2008)

Do you need to get to Jesus and then to simply stay there? It's a cry to get to Jesus, especially for the lost and dying.

Today’s encore sermon is the message of a powerful man who desperately needed to get to Jesus for this daughter. This is the most important thing you can do is to get to Jesus.

Find out what it means if you seek after Jesus with all of your heart. Are you going after Jesus for other souls, will you pay the price required? It’s time to get to Jesus for the precious people we love.

“(w)e have come to this wicked conclusion in our hearts that we’ll get to Jesus. He’ll take care of it (i.e. He’ll fix whatever is wrong), and we’ll get back to living our life and if he doesn’t quickly get it taken care of, never mind Jesus, I’ve got some other options.”

Pastor Ray during today’s message

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