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An End to Self-Absorption – 2004

Has self-absorption impacted your walk with Jesus? Are you willing to give it away whether it be self or some other treasure?

In today’s encore sermon (today is President’s day), Pastor Ray uses the story of the rich young ruler to identify his idol or precious treasure. In his case, it was the love of money but for most of us, it’s the love of self or self-absorption. This self-absorption is a treasure, which we must give away to Jesus so that we will no longer be fixated on ourselves but rather can give ourselves fully to serve Jesus by serving others and being salt to them. May we trust Jesus to remove this mountain of self-absorption. The key to victory is to humble our hearts and cry out to Jesus to remove this mountain of self-absorption.

Pastor Ray will be back live tomorrow and the focus will be on Romans 8 this week.


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