All Of God And None Of Me

Join us today for a special broadcast from Pastor Ray featuring Ephesians Chapter 2.
1-29-2024  All Of God And None Of Me

Do you know what God is looking for in your life? Do you believe that’s all about your needs, wants and desire or is it something else? Pastor Ray walks us through most of Chapter 2 in Ephesians to uncover the state of the church in the western world.

Much of the modern church is dead and sees no need for a change. Are you alive or dead or worse yet, do you not even know your true spiritual condition? Do you know that only God can accomplish what He wants to do in your heart. That will require repentance from us for certain but in our hardness many are unsure what to repent of. Have you made a decision to fully give your life into the hands of Jesus, regardless of the cost?

It is much easier to convince a human soul of its natural impurity than to convince it of its natural hardness, and utter destitution of heavenly and divine tenderness of Spirit.

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