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Willing to be Made Willing – 2005

Are you willing once for all to have your llife given into the hands of Jesus?

Today’s encore message was a call that most of us (me included) never totally heeded (understanding the message is not adequate). The Holy Spirit has been bringing us into a place where the question is whether we will give up our lives for the Gospel, regardless of what happens, regardless of how we may feel… It’s been a very rugged process because most of us believe whether consciously or not, that we’re okay as we are, and God will have to accept us as we are.

That’s not the way to look at this death to self that our dear brother Rees Howells went through. The question is what will we do, knowing that our best will never do.

Now is the time for the Holy Spirit to take possession of you, will you grant the Holy Spirit full control over your life or will you hold on to the remnant of your life?

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