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Self Worship

Tune in for an uncovering of self worship, a sin which must uncovered and removed by Jesus. Will you cry out and ask Jesus to remove this self worship?
6-16-2022  Self Worship

What does it mean to put Jesus first, as opposed to putting self first? It depends on who is at the center, whether that be self or Jesus Christ. Pastor Ray lays out what it means having self as the center as opposed to Jesus Christ being the very center of our lives.

Are you willing to petition Jesus until this prism has utterly changed by Him? As Pastor Ray says, this may take some time, so be patient and trust Jesus to finish this work.

“The Holy Spirit took me through grade after grade. The process of changing one’s natures (replacing the self nature by the divine nature) was very slow and bitter. It was a daily dying and showing forth the life of Christ, but that life was the life of a victim.”

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