The Midnight Cry (2008)

Are you a wise or a foolish virgin?

Jesus told a story of ten virgins who went to meet the groom. While waiting, all ten fell asleep. Then, a midnight cry woke them. But only five of the ten virgins had oil in their lamps. While the other five went to get more oil, the groom came and shut the door.

The immediate context and meaning of this parable concerns the final judgment. Jesus warns Christians that, if they don’t prepare for his coming, they will be shut out of heaven. To prepare for Christ’s second coming is to obey God by faith and in love.

But this parable also warns us that if we don’t choose to trust Jesus now, we won’t be prepared to trust him in a crisis. If you’re used to self-reliance, you won’t turn to Jesus when you lose your house or job. Likewise, you won’t turn to Jesus on the Day of Judgment. You may protest and lift up your self-righteous works, but your conscience will agree with God as he sentences you to hell.

This broadcast is a midnight cry. Is there oil in your lamp today?