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A Living Sacrifice (2009)

Is Jesus increasing and are you decreasing in your life?

This vintage message encapsulates where the National Prayer Chapel, and the American church, are today. Though we have the promises of God, we are too big for God to answer us. Our own lives, interests, and opinions take the forefront. Then, instead of offering ourselves as a living sacrifice to God, we put Jesus on the back burner.

We’re no longer willing to walk this way. But, this means serious repentance and walking out that repentance with a changed life. This, practically, is revival. Revival isn’t a glamorous entertainment experience. It’s getting down and dirty with God about our sin.

As a result of this humiliating process, we don’t want to go back to the old selfish life anymore. We’re so disgusted by what we’ve done that we’re amazed that Jesus would even accept us–that he would even accept our offering of ourselves as a living sacrifice.

Do you know, by experience, what this getting small before God is? If not, will you pursue it with all your heart?