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We will be coming out of the great tribulation but must first go through it? Are you willing to trust Jesus through the tough times ahead?
3-15-2022 Coming Out Of The GREAT TRIBULATION

Pastor Ray continues the “Mark of the Beast” series today and begins with a helpful summary from yesterday’s broadcast. Here are a few key things that will be helpful from Pastor Ray. The book itself is not linear and consists of plays. He’s been focusing on the seals, which are what God is doing and you can see we’re in the midst of these seals.

The question is what will you do in the end, are you willing to lay down your life, if required, for our King? Will you choose Jesus or your wicked ways?

“You will not grasp the central part of the book of Revelation unless you are prepared to sit and read it and think — just to meditate until you also leave earth, and in the Spirit can see these things.”

Pawson, David. (a quote from a Bible student to David Pawson) A Commentary on the Book of Revelation