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This Jesus Has Broken Me

Pastor Ray walks us through what it means to be broken to the Lord and fully given to Him. The

Live A Life Worthy Of Jesus

Have you allowed Jesus to fully renovate your life? If not, listen to today’s message and make a determination in

Are Only A Few People Going To Be Saved

Are you secretly a universalist beliving that all will go to heaven? If your answer is yes, then please listen

Dead Dead Dead

Are you dead dead dead? Pastor Ray lays out three different ways we’re being called to die in this hour.

The Scourge of Pride – 2016

Find out what the scourge of pride is and the cure for it from the scriptures on today’s broadcast.

Pray Through For The Victory

Here a real story of a number of brothers and sisters praying through. Have you prayed through to victory in

Do Not Settle In The Lowlands

Don’t settle in the lowlands, meaning don’t allow the lies you’ve been taught to block your way into victory with

An Awakening To The Unconverted

Listen to today’s message and ask Jesus to show you the true condition of your heart. Are you willing to

The Angry Jesus

Judgment begins in the house of God. Find out why Jesus is angry at the church and what He is

Be on Your Guard – (2004)

Hear the call to be on guard against the yeast of the Pharisees. Jesus contrasts this to being true disciples

Making The Impossible Possible

Jesus is the one who makes the impossible possible but we must prepare to leave our “boat” (i.e. our place

The Straight Path

Do you know the path that you’re on dear one and is there a possibility you’re on the wrong path?

Light The Fire Again

Is the cry of your heart, light the fire again or is there some other cry? The only way the

Can You Handle The Truth?

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray walks us through the primary works (i.e. the truth) of the Holy Spirit, as laid

The Grief of God’s Heart (2016)

Are you willing to transition into the grief of God? Will you give God what he wants in your life,

Personal Dealings With God

We’ve substituted intimacy with Jesus with rituals and that is contrasted today with Brother Bevington’s life. Will you leave your

The Sin Of The Eucharist

Pastor Ray exposes some of the lies that many in the church believe but are only outs to avoiding the

Ask, Seek, Knock

Find out about divine healing on today’s broadcast. Why do we not see many divine miracles in the church?


Today’s message was an unexpected rebuke from the Holy Spirit to those of us who identify as Christians. Listen closely

Travailing – Leonard Ravenhill

Are you willing to pay the price so that the love of God could be shed abroad in your heart

The Severe Mercy Of God

Here the call to obey Jesus regardless, it’s a terrifying word because Jesus is always testing to see if we’re