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The Danger of Self Love (2005)

Is the danger of self-love apparent in your life? Are you willing to give this to Jesus and ask Him

Not Everyone Will Enter Heaven

Today’s message is a call from Jesus through the Sermon on the Mount to be “sold out” or fully given

A True Follower Of Jesus

Hear the call to follow Jesus, compared to the call of most of the modern institutional churches as Pastor Ray

I Will Not Look Back

Have you decided to not look back as Lot’s wife did and to give your life fully into the hands

Personal Love for Jesus

Have you allowed the love of Jesus to permeate your heart? He wants to be everything to you, will you

The Agony of Obedience (2003)

What is the agony of obedience and how do we embrace this and have you actually embraced it in your

Humpty Dumpty

Will you entrust your life fully into the hands of Jesus and trust Him in these battles against darkness that

Come Quickly Under the Wing of God

We must make a conscious decision to come under the wing of God, leaving our life behind, have you done

Arrogance Is Like Idolatry

In today’s message, King’s Saul is uncovered by Samuel and his arrogance is exposed. Rather than repenting, he sought to

What Have You Done?

God allows us to be placed in very precarious places to see if we’ll wait upon Him and put our

Hindrances to the Narrow Path (2008)

Has your walk with Jesus been stymied by hindrances, thereby blocking you from the narrow path? Let Jesus lead you

The Terror of the Lord

Only the terror of the Lord will bring the awakening that God wants to bring to America.

Have You Lost Your Donkeys?

The story is about Saul but it’s also about us and how God moves in our everyday life to accomplish

Return To the Lord Now

Pastor Ray uses a story in 1st Samuel to lay out the path that Jesus wants us to follow. It’s

Preparation for Revival (Part 2)

This is Part 2 in a miniseries on the preparation of revival. This path requires concrete obedience and submission of

Preparation for Revival (Part 1) – 2005

Today’s message is Part 1 of 2 in the Preparation of Revival. Have you made preparations for revival in your

By the Grace of God, I’m NOT Going Back

Have you made a decision to not go back but rather to give yourself fully into the hands of Jesus?

The Making of a Man (or Woman of God)

Hear the call to be a part of a Joseph company and what that means on today’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Take

Do Not Sacrifice Yourself For The World

On today’s Pilgrim’s Progress continues to go verse by through the 1st John and he begins with Chapter 2 verse

The Great Deception

Do you know what the great deception is and have you bought off on these lies?? Found out more as

A Pure Heart by Faith

We are not saved or sanctified by hard work. It is all a work of faith in Jesus Christ. We