Archive of All Messages

One Gospel

What’s the true gospel?

Are You Half-Converted?

Is there anything blocking your walk with Jesus?

The Love of God

More about enmity, confess it all to Jesus!

The Core of All Sin

We’ve believed the lie that we can be like gods (little g). That lie must be confronted and dealt with

Buried Hatred towards God

Jesus wants to dig up your buried hatred of Him, so that you can be set free.

The One True Gospel

The liberating message of the Gospel, it truly is Good News!

The Wages of Anger

Are you an angry man or woman and are willing to meet Jesus’ conditions for deliverance?

The Infinite Madness and Blasphemy of Excuses for Sin (Encore)

There are no acceptable excuses for sin before a holy God.

Tender Ties with Thee

How do you build these tender ties with Jesus?

The Gospel of Holiness in Real Life

This is a day to day holiness that Jesus wants to integrate into your soul.

Made Holy by Faith

Holiness is NOT about self-improvement, it’s simply a gift as Pastor Ray explains.

The Fruit of a Sinner and a Saint

Does your speech and your deeds both reflect that Jesus is the Lord of your entire life?

You Must Be Born Again

Have you been born again?