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Another Great Awakening

Are you willing to cry out for this great awakening to come?
8-02-2017 Another Great Awakening - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

America needs another Great Awakening. But what does that mean? The first, second, and third Great Awakenings describe radical, widespread, immediate renunciation of sin and fleeing to Christ.

But what prompted people to repent? Why did so many people desperately want Jesus? Fundamentally, Christians began to recognize and preach the Biblical truths that God is angry at sin and sinners. By extension, the wrath of God is already hanging over every sinner. Hell’s mouth gapes open. Sinners heard this preaching and woke up. Suddenly, they recognized that they could–and should–be thrown into hell at a moment’s notice. They then saw Jesus as their savior from sinning and from hell–and rushed to him.

As Americans returned to God en masse, they transformed American culture and society. After the First Great Awakening, the American colonies gained independence. The Second Great Awakening resulted in the abolition of slavery, Prohibition, women’s suffrage and equality in society, the foundation of public education, and humane care for the insane.

For you, the first step of another great awakening begins with this question: are you a sinner? If you play with sin, the wrath of God hangs over you. Won’t you repent now, flee to Jesus, and get right with God?