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A Self-Made Life

Pastor Ray exposes the cultural lie of the self-made person and goes on to law out the law in both the Old and New Testatments.
7-02-2024   A Self Made Life

Scriptures Used During Today’s Broadcast: Exodus 20, Matthew 5, Matthew 6, Romans 7

The first half of today’s broadcast was a polemic against the self-made man (or self-made woman) which is a lie and will keep us out of the kingdom of God. It says that we can chart our own course and we don’t need God.

He goes from this to the law in both the Old and New Testament. Pastor Ray lays out the law from the book of Exodus, followed by the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount and some important scriptures. Are you willing to lay the self-made life down and to utterly give your life into the hands of Jesus?

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