Walking in the Father’s Love

Walking in the Father’s Love

Entire sanctification is perfect love towards God and mankind. It is God's love completely filling the heart and soul. But, as the story of the prodigal son shows, this love cannot exist without entire consecration to God.

The prodigal son's older brother exemplifies the danger of a Christian who is not sanctified. Though the older son never left his Father, he did not walk in his Father's love and forgiveness. Why not? Because he was not consecrated to his Father. He had not made his Father's interest his sole interest. As a result, when his Father's interest became forgiving and restoring the prodigal, the elder brother had another interest. This prevented him from loving and forgiving his younger brother.

Listen as Pastor Ray and Alexandra give a theological framework of entire sanctification from John Wesley, share Sarah Cooke's testimony of entire sanctification, and then unfold the story of the prodigal son's older brother.

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