The Gospel of the Holy Spirit

The Gospel of the Holy Spirit

Did Jesus come only to forgive sins? According to the Gospel of Mark, Jesus' main mission is, “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit (and with fire).” After Jesus is baptized in the Holy Spirit, the Gospel of Mark snapshots everything that flows out of this baptism. 1) Preaching, 2) Calling and making disciples, 3) Teaching with authority, 4) Casting out demons, 5) Healing, 6) Forgiving sins, 7) Raising the dead, and 8) Giving this power to others.

As a result of the Holy Spirit baptism, both Jesus and His disciples did all these works. In fact, the power to do these works distinguished the true disciples from the crowds that followed Jesus.

True discipleship is not simply receiving Jesus' healing, forgiveness, or any other blessing. True discipleship is to do what Jesus did. I must lose my life for Jesus in the most literal sense. I must give up my entire life to the work of the Gospel, and give over my body for God to indwell with His person and power.

Pay close attention, as this broadcast lays out a critical understanding of true discipleship that is indispensable to your salvation!

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