The Gospel Is Revival

The Gospel Is Revival

Revival describes powerful moves of God to convert thousands, heal the sick, change governments, stop crime, and bring peace. The Bible calls this “the kingdom of God,” “on earth as it is in heaven.” This is the very heart of the gospel, and of why Jesus came. The Gospel is revival.

John the Baptist baptized in water and preached repentance and forgiveness of sins. This “prepared the way” for Jesus. Then, Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire. He preached that the kingdom of God had arrived and could now be entered.

Many of us have known “only the baptism of John” (Acts 18:25). And we've mistaken this for the gospel. In truth, we've only “prepared the way.” Next, we're to believe that God intends to bring the kingdom now. If we believe this, then Jesus will baptize us “with the Holy Spirit and with fire,” use us to “destroy the works of the devil,” and bring revival!

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