Prevailing Prayer

Prevailing Prayer

This week, we've shared that revival is obtainable through prayer. Keeping with this theme, Pastor Ray and Alexandra define prevailing prayer and its essential characteristics. Simply, prevailing prayer is prayer that God answers. But how are we to offer such prayer?

Some of the essential elements include:

  • praying for one specific, definite object;
  • praying according to the revealed will of God;
  • praying from right motives;
  • renouncing all sin;
  • praying in the name of Christ;
  • praying with the faith that comes from God, led by the Spirit of God; and
  • strong desires for the blessing, even amounting to agony.

This type of agonized, sustained prayer sounds strange to our modern American ears. But, this prayer has marked every revival in history, and will continue to mark every revival until the Lord returns. If this sounds daunting, just begin where you are. Renounce all your sins, then dedicate an hour a day to God in prayer. Then let His Holy Spirit lead you to think and feel for the lost and for the sinful state of the church. You will soon find that God quickens your prayers, and answers them!

This broadcast drew on Charles Finney's sermon, “Prevailing Prayer,” from his book, Lectures on Revivals of Religion. Visit to read or listen to the original sermon in its entirety.

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