(Part 3) True and False Baptism in the Holy Spirit

(Part 3) True and False Baptism in the Holy Spirit

William Durham and “The Finished Work”

What changed in the Pentecostal movement? How did the powerful revival at Azusa Street turn into today's ecstatic experiences without holiness? For one, the teaching changed. The Asuza Street revival began teaching 1) regeneration, 2) entire sanctification, and 3) the baptism of the Holy Spirit. However, just a few years later, William Durham began to aggressively preach a new doctrine in other pastors' pulpits.

Durham's “The Finished Work of Calvary” combined regeneration and entire sanctification into one work. Though he claimed this experience, his actions proved otherwise. Then, after Durham's death, his followers removed entire sanctification entirely. Their belief in “progressive sanctification” morphed into the “sinning Christian” that today dominates the Pentecostal movement.

Moreover, contemporary questions like, “Do I have to speak in tongues to be saved?” or, “Do I have to be water baptized in Jesus' name to be saved?” also rose out of splits caused by Durham's followers.

Join us again tomorrow as we talk more about William Durham, and how we can resume the worldwide revival that now lies fallow!

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