(Part 2) True and False Baptism in the Holy Spirit

(Part 2) True and False Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Revival at Azusa Street

After a brief review of Scripture and Charles Parham's ministry, Ray and Alexandra dig into the Azusa Street revival. Beginning on April 9, 1906, the meeting swelled from 100 to 1,300 people in just four weeks. The true baptism of the Holy Spirit had come, just as on the day of Pentecost.

As more Christians were baptized in the Holy Spirit, revival spread throughout Los Angeles. The Holy Spirit broke down racism and healed thousands. God himself converted rich and poor alike–including construction workers who didn't know what “conversion” meant.

For two years, Christ's work and kingdom rolled on unhindered. Missionaries were sent around the world. The Apostolic Faith newspaper spread the work in California, nationally, and internationally. Truly, this seemed to be the beginning of the worldwide revival for which so many prayed!

However, Satan would soon step in. Join us tomorrow as we share the divisions that splintered the movement and stalled revival. These understandings help us uncover the true baptism of the Holy Spirit, which alone can resume worldwide revival!

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