(Part 2) The Church Bound to Convert the World

(Part 2) The Church Bound to Convert the World

The Martyrdom of Perpetua (203 A.D.)

What is the real, apostolic, Christian faith? A detailed account of the martyrdom of Perpetua and her companions reveals boldness, power, and courageous joy in suffering.

Likewise, the book of Acts depicts a faith-filled church that defies persecution with boldness, healing, signs, and wonders from the Holy Spirit. Their determination to convert the world led them to count their lives as nothing (Acts 20:24). Thus, the kingdom of God exploded. Even in their final hours of life, these early Christians pleaded with sinners to believe in Jesus, and encouraged fellow Christians to persevere in the faith.

Listen as Ray and Alexandra discuss some of the conditions necessary for a return to this apostolic faith and mission!


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